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In 1999, I started my career in the show business as stage carpenter but in 2003, I began to specialize in scenic automation. More than twenty years have passed, and I have the privilege to work in big musicals, opera, theater and circus around the world.

The automation in the Entertainment Industry is increasing every day to impress to the audience.

I do not focus only on the maintenance and operation. I have experience working with: Platforms, stage wagons, turntables, floor track systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, chain hoists, lift platforms, Spiralift®, Serapid®, acrobatic winches, etc. Maintenance, installation and setup of these systems will not be a problem.

Impact for the audience

Make amazing scene changes in just a few seconds, stunning real-time flight effects, add that “WOW!” Effect. in your live shows.


An automated system guarantees to perform precise or acrobatic stage movements safely and minimizing the risk of error due to human factors.

Improve your headcount

Having an automated installation, the heavy tasks do not require a high number of people, because the operation is carried out by motors and some specialized devices.

Time saving

With an automated system, the time that it takes to do load-in/out for each show decreases, making it a considerable improvement in working hours.

Easy to adapt

Giving the correct training to your technicians, they will be able to operate, install and maintain the installation in perfect condition, being able to operate the installation safely.

Low maintenance

New technologies allow your automated system to work 24/7. The lower maintenance costs have been achieved, being one of the best features of having an automated system.

My Skills

Here are some of my professional skills

PLC | Automatic systems

I have a huge experience in installations with different programmable logic controllers (PLC), drivers and other components. I worked with different brands like: Siemens, Omron, Beckhoff, Schneider, Lenze, SEW Eurodrive, Pilz, Phoenix Contact, Telemechanique, Festo, etc.

Automation platforms

I learned different automation control platforms from the most important manufacturers: TAIT (eChamaleon, Chamaleon 5 and Navigator), Microtrol (Showcontrol) and Silicon Theater Scenery (AutoStage2000).


For more than twenty years in the automation in the entertainment industry, I worked with different scenic installations: revolves, winches, stage lifts, stage wagons, chain hoists, point hoist, flying performer systems, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, stage tracks, fly walls, etc.

Siemens 85%
Omron 75%
Schneider 55%
Beckhoff 60%
Industrial Networks 90%
eChamaleon | TAIT 100%
Chamaleon 5 | Stage Technologies 90%
Navigator | TAIT 70%
ShowControl | Microtrol 95%
AutoStage 2000 | STS 100%
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems 90%
Electromechanical Drawings | CAD 100%
Serapid® | Spiralift® 95%
Chain Hoists | Winches 100%
Revolves | Stage Wagons | Tracks 100%
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This is what some professionals think about my work

"I worked with him at The Lion King (Madrid) and some other shows in the past as well, and he is absolutely qualified to work on big projects. During our time at The Lion King he served in an outstanding way to the show, and since he left he is being missed several times by the Technical Management."
“I had the opportunity to work with him and I can say that he is a hard, responsible and talented worker, however, one of his most remarkable qualities is the interest of learning new things, the automation field grows exponentially and it is important to be prepared for new challenges,I definitely recommend him as a part of any scenic automation team."
“Alfredo is hard working and has great attention to detail, virtues I find rare in today’s fast-food and fast-everything society. His commitment to the job in hand is outstanding and he is capable of going beyond the mere call of duty should problems arise. He loves learning and is quick to grasp the finer details of new systems he is confronted with.”
Michael R. Collis
"It has always been a pleasure to work with Alfredo, his profesional skills and personality make him very apt for daily operation of automation, and with demanding troubleshooting situations that come with live entertainment. Can not recommend him enough."
“Alfredo is a highly skilled technician and operator in the entertainment automation industry. He has plenty of experience using several systems and is never scared or overwhelmed by massive amounts of work. His care and commitment to every project he does is rarely found anymore. It is a pleasure to work with Alfredo as he is not only a good professional but a great person and friend."
“I worked with Alfredo on Cirque du Solei’s Totem. Rarely do you see a guy so passionate and dedicated to his Job as Alfredo. A great worker who approaches his work with a great sense of humour and enthusiasm. Loves every aspect of the job and his only agenda is doing a decent job. I always look forward to the gig if I know my “Spanish amigo” is working on it."

And now… where am I?

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Alfredo del Castillo

Scenic Automation Technician


P: +34 691994944

M: info(at)alfredodelcastillo.com

L: Based in Spain