Centro de Tecnología del espectáculo is part of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), and also part of the Secretary of State for Culture (Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports), which deals with the promotion and dissemination of the performing arts: dance, theatre, music and circus. They offer different types of courses:

Two years course: where new technical crew will be training in different disciplines: sound, lighting, stage manager, wardrobe, scenic carpentry… The length of this courses are one year each section, two years in total.

Monographic courses: short trainings that normally takes few days and are perfect to improve and learn new skills.


David Pizarro: Stage set designer graduated from RESAD, he performed out several projects such as “33, El Musical”, where he received at the Musical Theatre Awards 2019 and the Broadway World Spain Awards 2019, Bothe for “The best stage design”. He is currently working on different projects for different theme parks: Disney, Port Aventura and Puy du Fou Spain. Talent and passion for his work, that is how I define this great set designer. WEB


Mambo Decorados: More than 10 years of experience in scenic construction. Their workshop has 600m2 and they have a technical stage with a Grand Support 11x8x7m that allows them to mount and present the sets in real circumstances of elevation and suspension. Area dedicated to locksmith and carpentry, painting warehouse and offices. WEB

Artefacto: Company created in 1999 to give support in the audiovisual sector. During this time they have endeavored to publicize the various facets of the work in film and TV products. Artefacto is made up of professionals specialized in each of the fields they develop: sculptors, painters, carpenters, locksmiths and specials effects technicians. Their aspiration is to continue, a quality that meets the expectations of the most demanding products. WEB

Sfumato: The company was created in 2001 and since 2005 has collaborated closely with the company Mambo Decorados SL., based in Madrid (Spain), in charge of carrying out the set designs that are then painted in their workshop in Valencia (Spain). They have 1000m2 workshop, with 500m2 of wooden flooring for the tensioning and painting of textiles, which allows them to undertake any type of scenic project. WEB


Silicon Theatre Scenery BV: Founded in 2001, they automated over 50 show musicals including: Tarzan, Harry Potter, Back to the Future, The Lion King, Lord of the Rings… Unique in their approach is integrating theatre productions, chain hoist and performer fly installations using easy to install and maintain standard prefabricated modules. WEB

TAIT: Whether it’s creating awe-inspiring spectaculars, complex touring stages, theatre engineering solutions, brand activations or cruise ship installations, TAIT delivers world-class solutions for live experiences. With its proprietary entertainment automation platform, custom-made products, and creative engineering, TAIT’s cutting-edge offerings continue to advance industry standards and exceed client expectations. As a global network of over 900 employees in 14 office locations, TAIT has worked on projects in over 30 countries, all 7 continents and even outer space. WEB

Microtrol: Microtrol has been in the automation control business since 1983. Their original niche market was the supply of turnkey systems to the industrial manufacturing sector. Clients such as Canadair, Rockwell Automative and IBM, to name a few, have been associated with Microtrol´s growth. In the 90s, they started developing control systems designed with the arts and entertainment business in mind. Microtrol is now a supplier of automated control equipment for touring, theatrical and show events around the world. Their services and products can provide a complete integration solution to almos any automation project. WEB

AVW Controls LTD.: Company with an international reputation for stage automation. Based in UK, AVW is showing the way ahead for affordable automation and stage machinery. AVW has a fully equipped workshop for control panel manufacture, a project office with the latest computer aided design tools and a small team of stage automation engineers. Established in 1996, AVW is a small but thriving company. The ever growing lis of successful projects in testament to the dedication of AVW in helping their clientes achieve their motion control goals. They can design and manufacture control systems ranging from simple fixed speed switchgear to the most complex computer controlled automation systems for stunning stage spectaculars. They are specialist stage automation engineers; they do no anything else! WEB

WICreations: Is a small, creative and highly flexible company that imagineers special and custom constructions and effects, turning ideas and dreams into technical realities. Much of their work is music and entertainment industry based, but they also embrace numerous other sections, including fashion, corporate, commercial and industrial. WEB

Raynok Innovation: The Raynok Motion Control System can be found servicing a wide variety of distinctly different applications throughout the Entertainment Industry. Each of these applications requires an often distinctly different approach to present, cue and execute the desired motion profile. From pile-ons and auto follows to deals and targets there are as many varied names of similar functions as there are ways to create them. Raynok provides the flexibility to bring them all to the operator´s finger-tips. WEB

Alfa System: They made the first step in the entertainment industry back in 1987, becoming soon a turnkey supplier of stage and theatre machinery. Their portfolio lists plenty of prestigious theatre and many smaller institutions representing the variety of our clients. Over then years, they enlarged the services to the live and event sector, providing creative automations for TV shows and musicals and developing solutions for the past touring/rental market. WEB

Stage One: With over 14.000 square meters of space at their facility in Tockwith, they have the ability to deliver projects at a broad range of scale. At the heart of this operation are three hangars that provide them with the space to innovate, experiment and manufacture. From a single circuit board to a 42m scenic icebreaker, their production facility is the envoirmente in which ideas are brought to life. WEB

Waager Biro: Whatever you do with it, they are here to provide the most functional, safest, and long-lasting stage equipment possible, so you can wow your audience. Let your imagination run free and put on your best show yet. With ever more demanding audiences you need to be ready for the next decades of creative endeavours. That’s why they make sure their stage solutions not just outlast every other on the market, but are also the most functional, flexible and of course safest stages possible. WEB


I had the pleasure to participate in different documentary films. Here you can watch it!.

The documentary will feature never-before-seen footage, including the creative process behind the show and its music, an exclusive look inside the Cirque du Soleil International Headquarters in Montreal, reflections of the core challenges of translating Messi’s attributes and more. The documentary will premiere and will be distributed in Europe through Rakuten TV in 2019. Rakuten will also distribute the documentary to other regions via its networks.

David Calvo brings us this documental film seen from behind the scenes, making us know the hidden face of this indisputable art. From actors who do not need a presentation, such as Concha Velasco, or José Sacristán, to the different technicians specialized in disciplines such as carpentry, costumes, sound or lighting technicians, they give their point of view, and collaborate to bring that part of the theater that is never visible, but is as essential as any other.